Quick Release Pin

Lock-N-Lift customers have used the LG14 quick release pin for over 15 years as a replacement for the standard pin in round pin shackles that are commonly used to attach Lock-N-Lift tools to lifting chains.

With a comfortably sized T-handle and a ball detent system to hold it in place, it can be installed and removed from a ¾ round pin shackle easily and quickly with one gloved hand.

Lock-N-Lift is pleased to offer this pin to our customers as a way to share “best practice” innovations across our customer base.

Model Number LG-14 Specifications

Pin Dimensions: 7/8″Diamter x 3″L
Handle Dimensions: 3″L x 1-1/4″W
Weight: 0.9 Pounds
Material: Hardened Stainless Steel
Calculated Double Shear Length: 112,000 Pounds
Minimum Pin Removal (Tension) Load: 3,900 Pounds