Plate Cover

The PC500 plate cover is a reusable sturdy plastic insert that snaps in to the rectangular hole in the center of our model 500B weld-in plate. With this cover in place, even the small hole in the 500B weld-in plate is sealed shut, making the Lock-N-Lift system even safer in situations where there is an expectation of a lot of foot traffic.

The cover can be snapped in place by hand, and can be easily removed with a screwdriver using the pry slots on the edge of the cover.

Lock-N-Lift is pleased to offer this cover to our customers as a way to take jobsite safety to the next level.

Lock-n-Lift PC500 part Lock-n-Lift PC500 part in plate

Part Number PC500 Specifications

Cover Dimensions: 3.4” Square X 9/32” Thick as Installed
Weight: 1.6 Ounces
Material: ABS Plastic – Dark Grey Color
Side view of Lock-n-Lift LLC PC500 part